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Our Range of Professional Services & Fee Structure


Executive Search

Professional Services Fee of 10% with all costs covered by the client 


We proactively identify, approach & forward potential candidates for a defined vacancy, typically but not exclusively at a base salary of £100k upwards. A fee or retainer is paid which is not normally refundable, even if the search is unsuccessful. This is a non-contingent service (NCS).  


Advertised Selection

Professional Services Fee of 10% with all costs covered by the client


We attract high calibre candidates with cross-transferable skills, utilising effective and targeted advertising in a number of media platforms. A candidate long-list is produced with the process then reverting to that used for Executive Search (NCS).


Alternative Headhunt

Professional Services Fee of 10% with final fee upon placement


We put candidates forward as they become available (NCS). All costs covered by the client.


Nominated Headhunt

Professional Service has four components, costs covered by the client


We target candidates where the client prefers an independent third party approach to known individuals in a specific geography or product group (NCS).


initial approach by telephone       (£300 per candidate)

face to face interview & report     (£980 per candidate)

interview by telephone & report   (£600 per candidate)

acceptance of job offer                (10% of base salary)


Psychometric Testing

Pricing is dependent upon complexity £100 to £800 per candidate  


We employ a range of psychometric tests and other specialist assessment tools to further facilitate decision-making (NCS).


Consultancy Services

We are able to offer market intelligence gathering, merger & acquisition research on a consultancy basis


Our Professional Services Terms & Conditions can be sent over to you by request. Please send us an email to email@evestigio.com alternatively contact us on +44 (0) 7879 811480 or use our contact page to find out more about our Executive Search Services.